The VauxCafé is the place to recharge. work from home or just socialise with friends old and new.

At the VauxCafe we have a variety of refreshing drinks and hot beverages. Our supplier of Coffee, Tea and Hot Chocolate is the wonderful Matthew Algie.

  • Our Coffee is made by Gaia Beans, its Fairtrade, Organic and certified by the Rainforest Alliance.
  • Our Breakfast Tea is a superior quality of tea with a highly desirable bright, fresh taste and coppery colour. We also supply a selection of the popular Pavilion Garden specialty teas.
  • Hot Chocolate Abyss 40% cocoa is rich and velvety smooth. Made with full fat cocoa, sugar and real vanilla.

We only want to offer first class food for you to enjoy so have chosen what we think are the best suppliers.

  • Battle Oats Protein Bars provide a sustained release of energy. They are high in fibre and are made with real butter and coconut oil. They are also vegetarian friendly, gluten free and GMO free.
  • Clif Energy Bars. Wholesome ingredients. Performance nutrition. And great taste. Whether you’re on a multi-pitch sport route or exploring a new bouldering venue, this energy bar is built to sustain your adventure.

Do you have to climb to come to the VauxCafe?

No! You could come to watch friends or family climb or alternatively come seeking a venue to meet with a colleague, friend or family member for a drink and snack. VauxEast provides a relaxed environment for you in a bright and clean atmosphere. We have a large seated café area, laptop desks, charging points and free Wi-Fi. We sell coffees, drinks and snacks throughout the day and are open for long hours. Catch us with lively climbers to observe in the evenings or alternatively enjoy a more peaceful setting during the day time.


Free Wifi

We can offer you a FREE Wi-Fi service. It is a secured network so you can be sure your access is safe.