Under 18

Many options for our Junior (17 and under) climbers.

Kids Clubs

The quickest and easiest way to get Juniors climbing is to book them onto one of our instructed kids clubs. These are fixed sessions which involve a hour of instructed climbing and fun.


Under 18 Supervised Climber

Juniors can also use the Centre if directly supervised by a bouldering competent adult. Any adult wishing to supervise must complete our Bouldering Supervisor Assessment. This is a short 15 question form which requires knowledge in Bouldering safety, appropriate warming up, injury prevention and spotting.


14-17 Unsupervised Climber

For experienced juniors who wish to climb without supervision.

Juniors aged 14 – 17 may use the Centres unsupervised if they have significant bouldering experience or book and complete an Induction Plus or Private session. An assessment must be completed in all cases using the Unsupervised Junior Boulderer Assessment.


Scarpa VauxSquad

Our performance Junior Squad.

Looking to develop the of talent of young climbers through regular climbing sessions in a supportive, fun, friendly and structured way. The Squad is for enthusiastic juniors aged 10 – 17 looking to develop and compete in climbing competition. Members are selected annually per academic year.