Therapy Room

Feeling a bit broken? At VauxWall East we have a therapy room that is occupied by some amazing therapists to help you get back to your best:



Bringing years of both climbing and physiotherapy to VauxWall East, Cristiano Costa has treated as many climbers as routes he’s climbed, including British Bouldering Champion Nathan Phillips and free solo legend Alex Honnold.

To book a session with Cris, contact him through the links below:


07813 148356


Just One Body

Kieran and Freddie have been climbing for years, bringing a combination of high-grade performance climbing and fun at all levels to the clinic. Kieran being an Osteopath and Freddie a Sports Therapist, they have an ideal combination of diagnostic and clinical experience combined with climbing-specific exercise rehabilitation.

“We avoid labelling people as broken and injured, we encourage people to keep active and climb were possible. We know what it’s like not being able to climb through injury. We’ll get you back in no time!”

To book a session with Just One Body, use the links or contact details below:

Just One Body

020 8088 2860


Interested in hiring the room?

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