Pre Book Your Climb

Amidst the COVID-19 situation we will be monitoring and limiting numbers of climbers within our centres to adhere to guidance from the government and governing bodies of the climbing industry.

Our main aim is to manage and reduce the number of climbers in our building at one time to mitigate the spread of the virus whilst still being able to maintain a positive space for people to use; we’ve missed you all and can’t wait to welcome you back.

We’re all currently in a very fluid situation meaning Government advice may change which could force us to make significant changes on a day to day basis so bear this in mind when booking.


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With this system, you can book an entry time to the centre which then allows you 2 hours of climbing. This will allow us to limit the number of people entering the centre at these times to ensure the total number of people in the building stays within our defined limits allowing for adequate social distancing.

We will do what we can to maximise your climbing time within our centres; if capacity allows it, you may be able to stay for longer than 2 hours. Please speak to a member of staff about this towards the end of the session if you wish to climb for longer. Please note that this will be at the discretion of the member of staff so please respect their decision.

New customers (those completely new to any of our LCC centres) can also book slots and the standard registration process will need to be completed on first entry – there will be a £2 charge registration fee when we complete your account at reception. If you have not climbed at any of our centres (VauxWest, VauxEast, HarroWall, RavensWall, CroyWall or CanaryWall) you must pre-register.  Please click here to do that before booking a slot>>

Please book responsibly; you don’t need to panic book, we expect climber numbers will be lower and more spread out than prior to lockdown. This is difficult to predict though so initially, we ask that you only book a maximum of one slot a day and an encouragement to two slots per peak time in a week. We are usually quieter at Off Peak so we encourage you to book as much during these times as practical for you. We encourage you to book up to 2 peak sessions per centre per week, this means you could climb every day at peak by mixing up between the centres. Booking is not required at RavensWall, CroyWall or HarroWall, there is no recommendation on the amount of sessions you can have at these centres.

Once we get a sense of customer numbers and how they spread out in the ‘new normal’ we will update these encouraged limitations. It is difficult to predict so we are being cautious. Thank you for your understanding.


Terms & Conditions

Our standard booking terms and conditions do not apply. Here is a specific version for pre booked independent climbing.

  1. A full refund is available if we are made aware of a cancellation via email 48 hours or more from the start time of the booking slot.
  2. Please email for VauxWall West & East or for CanaryWall within a 48 hour period, no transfers or refunds are possible, with the exception of:
    • If you believe you have contracted COVID-19 we’ll offer a full refund at any time up to session start time; please note that you won’t be able to book another slot with us for 7 days to allow for conclusive testing.
  3. There are no instructors available so you must be prepared to climb independently or come with an experienced climber who can / has pass(/ed) our supervisor assessment and is willing to supervise you.
  4. Take great care to ensure you are booking the correct centre you wish to climb at. We cannot transfer bookings between centres.
  5. Please ensure that: You turn up at the start of your time slot – no earlier than 15 minutes before and no later than 15 minutes after its scheduled to start.
  6. Arriving later than this will eat into your 2 hour climbing time. Extending your session or transferring to the next slot is not guaranteed.
  7. You can book a maximum of 6 participants per booking.
  8. The start times are at 15 minute intervals to give you the maximum flexibility and significantly reduce the potential for queuing.
  9. The amount of slots available updates automatically to ensure we do not go over our centre capacities, based on 2 hour sessions.
  10. You must book in every person you intend to have climbing. E.g. If you have a family membership and wish to climb, please book yourself and your child(ren).
  11. If you are feeling in any way unwell, please do not come to the centre; follow Government advice and self-isolate.
  12. If you test positive for COVID-19 and have been in our centres within the last 7 days you must contact us promptly so we can ensure the safety of others.
  13. Our standard Conditions of Use and Rules for climbing apply at all times.


How to book your climbing sessions:

  1. For the most part our booked independent climbing sessions will match our pre-lockdown pricing. (link to pricing)
  2. To book, please select the numbers of relevant “Participants” below then choose a date and time to suit you.
  3. We recommend you setup an account on the booking widget to make future bookings quicker.

Different participants are detailed as follows:

Pay Monthly /Bulk buy / Pre-paid select this option if you currently have a recurring or pre-paid membership or pre-paid punch entries on your account or you intend to buy one of these on arrival.
Adult (pay per visit) Standard adult entry   (booking system auto adapts price if off peak or peak session selected)
Concession (pay per visit) select this option for Young People aged 11 to 17, those currently in full education with valid student ID, those aged over 65 years and for those who are currently unemployed; we’ll need to see proof of this if we have not done so recently
Junior age 4 – 10 years (pay per visit)   Standard junior entry   (booking system auto adapts price if off peak or peak session selected)
Other tariff See list below to see if this applies.


A £1 booking fee will be applied to ‘Member/Punch card holder’ session, this fee is there to ensure an incentive to use your booked sessions. To smooth this extra cost for our members and punch card holders we are allowing one free hot drink per person at any time during their visit.

If you ‘walk-in’ rather than ‘pre-book’ and there is an available slot you will not be charged the £1 fee. We can’t risk lots of slots being booked then having lots of ‘no shows’, hence the fee.

An optional perk for our valued LCC recurring members only : you can opt to have your £1 fee’s tallied up and added as credit to your account on a monthly basis – this will automatically off set your future dues. – Please email to specifically request this option. You will still get the hot drink at anytime perk because we love you.


‘Other tariff’ will be charged at £2 and can be used by the following people

  • Member guest pass – Select this option if you wish to use one of your 2 monthly guest passes you have as a result of your recurring or pre-paid membership.
  • Supervisor (not climbing) – for those wishing to supervise up to 2 people climbing within the centre, but won’t be climbing themselves.
  • Junior age 3 years or below – For this age we politely ask you to avoid our peak times and consider a 1:1 supervisor ratio.
  • Catalyst participant – if you’re a Catalyst coach booking a session for your clients/personal climbing
  • Discount list climber – if you’re part of one of our pre-agreed groups with defined limitations for your reduced entry. If you cannot present proof of affiliation and/or the discount isn’t applicable to the time of your booked session, you will be asked to pay the difference in cost on arrival.
  • GB team/ Sponsored affiliates – for those who are on the GB Climbing Team, or on our affiliated sponsors list e.g. Arc’teryx Retail Staff (We politely ask you to avoid our peak times)
  • Reciprocal entry – for those who work at another climbing wall in London; a recent payslip must be shown on arrival. (We politely ask you to avoid our peak times)
  • External instructors – for qualified instructors who have registered their qualification and insurance with us and are bringing a maximum of 6 people (total must include instructor/s)

A £2 fee will be applied to all ‘Other tariff’ sessions. This is a fee is to ensure that the slots are not monopolised or abused. We will charge extra on arrival for relevant people up to standard existing agreements.

If you are unsure if the ‘Other tariff’ applies to you please email for clarification before you use it.



On your visit:

  1. Please ensure that you arrive at the start of your time slot – no earlier than 15 minutes before and no later than 15 minutes after its scheduled to start.
  2. On arrival within 15 minutes of your start time please proceed straight to the self CHECK IN scanner, scan your barcode, then Sanitize your hands using the Santizer provided.
  3. If it’s your first time, you have used the ‘other tariff’, you are late or require any additional service; shoe hire, membership, retail or café purchase please queue responsibility in the denoted place.
  4. If you have lost your registration card we can issue you a new one on arrival.
  5. If an alert noise sounds when you self CHECK IN you may be asked to join the queue for a staff member to resolve the issue.
  6. Please adhere to the 2 hours, leaving sufficient time to warm down and CHECK OUT. If its quiet we may be able to extend, just ask a team member.
  7. You may be asked to queue if previous participants do not leave within their 2 hour window – we will aim to manage this promptly
  8. Ensure social distancing while accessing the lockers and changing rooms. Please aim to arrive ready to climb with minimal bags.
  9. Whilst climbing, you must practice the highest hygiene standards; give people space and sanitise/wash your hands regularly.
  10. You must CHECK OUT when you leave by scanning you barcode at the self CHECK OUT scanner to ensure we have an accurate capacity count and information for Track & Trace.

We know that was a lot of Information but it is important for you to know. Please proceed to book below: