VauxComp Results

Wednesday 6th October

Thank you all for coming to the glorious return of VauxComp at the beginning of the month!

We could not have been more delighted to finally host an event for the first time in over a year and a half. Thank you for supporting us as we navigate holding these much-loved events in a new environment.

The setters for this event were Yorkie, Liam Fyfe, Jakub Stek, Steve Tucker and Imi Bagnall-Smith, and a huge thanks to our friends and partners at the Duchy Arms for supplying the food and beer on tap for the evening.

Onto the results:

Main Comp


Senior (16+)

1st Sébastien Dussaut

2nd Dario Prina

3rd Esteban Garcia Miralles

Senior (16+)

1st place Louise Bernard

2nd place Annaliese Plummer

3rd place Arianwen Fields


1st Place Rhys Conlon

2nd Place Coleman Kiernan-Clarke

3rd Place Luca Martins


1st place Iggy Rinaldi

2nd place Yolanda Moran

3rd place Suvana Wasu

Main Comp Results

Fun Comp Results

Congratulations to all those who placed at the top of their categories! Prizes can be collected from VauxWall East if you haven’t already done so.

The next VauxComp will be held on Wednesday 1st December at VauxWall East! Stay tuned.