Capacity change at VauxEast

As we continue to evolve in the ongoing pandemic, we are listening to how our climbers feel in our spaces. We’ve taken the conscious step to reduce the capacity at VauxEast from 80 back to 70, this is well below the government reccomendation but we want to keep you safe. This allows more space to socially distance and remain comfortable throughout your visit.

Don’t forget we have extended our opening hours at VauxEast in the morning to give you more climbing time, now opening at 9am instead of 12pm giving you 3 more hours of quiet off-peak climbing. Nearby we also have VauxWest open at 6am until 11pm – 7 days a week and we also have our sister walls without booking systems and larger capacities in West London – RavensWall, South London – CroyWall, North West London – HarroWall and now our newest addition in East London – CanaryWall (booking system in place)